Tundra Town Clothing Co. is Green Bay's only football fan-inspired, original apparel company that is proud of its city and its team.  We're committed to creating fun, all-original gameday gear for football fans who want to represent their team all year round, wherever they go.

When people ask you where you're from and you answer "Green Bay", how often do they follow up with "Are you a Green Bay fan?" 

The first response that pops into my head is, "Now that's a stupid question"... but no, that's not the answer I give them. 

I always reply with, "Of course, we all are... that's all we've got!"  But then, after they follow up with the questions "Where is Green Bay?  That's in Wisconsin, right?"... I realize my first reaction would've been fair and accurate! 

Year after year, Green & Gold Nation is voted the best, most loyal fan base in all of pro sports.  We don't need the polls to point that out, we already knew it!  A full stadium on game day, no TV blackouts, and a multi-generation waiting list for season tickets.

This is Green Bay... Our Town, Our Team.

See you on gameday!   --Tom


Tom Wall

Owner / Packer Fan